450 S. Western Ave #206

Los Angeles, CA 90020


I was very cautious on getting my eyebrows done as I did not want them to look unnatural, that I had them done.

I consulted several times and made it very clear that it has to look 100% natural.

Gisele was fully aware of my concern and took time to make sure that I was completely satisfied.

She took me through every step and made sure I was comfortable. She explained how it will look over the next few days and what the final outcome will be.

The outcome of this experience is fantastic. My eyebrows look 100% natural. My friends are surprised to know that I had them done.

I recommend getting your eyebrows done from Gisele. It will change your life.

I would give 100 stars if I could.

- Jin R.

She was so nice and will give you the type of brow style you want! (straight brows or arched) and will fit to your natural brow shape 🙂

- Jane K.

Gisele is professional, kind, and very patient. She doesn’t rush into things knowing how important eyebrows are to everyone lol she basically walks thru every step of the process with you and the best part: she LISTENS! I’ve gone to a different place couple years ago and the other lady just did it the HER way and also left some red scar marks that won’t go away for almost years. I regretted going there (atelier), ended up doing lazor removal. NOW, I’m super satisfied with my new brows, super natural, can’t wait to go back for other services 🙂

- Eiden L.

Just had the eyeliner tattoo and it didn’t hurt AT ALL
Seriously, I don’t know how she did it, but if you are worried about the pain, You are in real good hands!
And the result looks amazing too!! Highly recommended!!

- Eun Beal C.

Love my brows! Giselle was so patient with me! I have very sensitive and oily skin and she took great care to make sure my procedure was as painless as possible! Would definitely recommend!!

- Marlene G.