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  • Avoid booking a reservation during your menstrual cycle because it may increase pain sensitivity.

  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol, aspirin and antibiotics a day before treatment.

  • Do not have any intensive procedures, such as Botox or filler, 3 to 4 weeks before procedures.

  • in case of having Tattoo laser treatment, Microblading can be performed after at least 3 months

  • If you are a pregnant woman, or have skin cancer, and hemophilia, please avoid a semi-permanent make-up treatment.

  • If you have a reservation for eyeline or eyelash lift , you sould remove all make-ups before coming.

  • Please Remove all eyelashes extension before eyeline treatment.




  •  Keep the treatment area clean at all times.

  • Since the treatment area may itch, do not scratch it either

  • pick on them, but let them removed naturally.

  • if you Remove dead skin arbitrarily, you will not have the coloring effect. And the color may stain.

  • Apply the prescribed ointment lightly for two days.

  • Do not use any cream or ointment other than the prescribed ointment.

  • Drinking Alcohol may cause fever or itching in the treatment area (average 2-3 days).

  • Avoid sauna, swimming, and sweating exercises for at least a week.

  • Color will remain dark for 2-3 days immediately after the procedure. After 7-8 days after the procedure, the dark color should fade to a more natural tone.

  • After the first Session, the appearance of both eyebrows may be different, color will be lighter , and the empty space might be shown, those are normal. We’ll supplement at the second session.

 Retouch (2nd Session) Notice


  • Appointment for Retouch can be made at least 10-30days after the 1st session.

  • 30 days after from 1st session, there is an additional cost for Retouch

  • we will not be held responsible for any cancellation or schedule change due to personal emergency.